How do I change the Security Settings On Belkin n150 Wireless Router?

In the present scenario, It is critical to verify your information since information compromising is a significant issue that is going in the present situation. In the present time verifying your information is essential if you maintain a business, particularly on if you are connected with the Internet utilizing a wireless router. To change the security settings on the http://belkin.range n150 wireless Router by navigating to the device by using the web interface.

Here are the steps to change the Security Settings on Belkin n150 Wireless Router:
     To begin we should interface a PC with an Ethernet connection straightforwardly to the Belkin router. One can do this arrangement connected with the remote however that time remembers you will be separated from your wireless router in any event twice during the arrangement without using an Ethernet connection.
     Then Launch the Internet browser into the connected computer device by using the web address.
     Then Click on the submit button without entering anything on the password field to log in to the web interface because by default the http://belkin.range doesn’t have a password.
     Here you will need to click on the security tab in the wireless section.
     Change the Security Mode box to WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK) and select WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK" in the Authentication box.
     Click on the Apply button to save the required changes.
     Go and Click on the System Settings.
     To secure the Belkin router you will need to type the new password and re-type the password for the confirmation.
     In the last step then click on the apply button to apply the new security then create the new password.

 How do I Access the Belkin Router Settings Page?

To Access the Belkin Router Settings you will need to control the different functionalities by accessing the login settings of the router. In  the following steps, we will discuss some  of the basic steps to access the login page of the router:
     In the foremost case, you will need to connect the Belkin router with t5he computer device.
     Navigate the Web browser into the connected computer and type the web address you http://belkin.range can either type the local IP address bar then hit the Enter button.
     Now In case if you don't have an idea about your local IP address, open your order prompt and enter ipconfig. All the systems administration based subtleties of your PC including the IP address will get recorded reorder it in the URL field.
     Here you will need to enter the username and password into the required fields to access the login setup page.
     When you have signed into your router settings, you will be diverted to the principle the settings page for your router.


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